The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for techno lovers – PROTOKOL Budapest Presents: LOCO & JAM

We have some great news for those who would rather like to celebrate their love for techno on this special day. Spend your Valentine’s Day in CAT Budapest, where you can enjoy the best techno beats by LOCO & JAM (UK), Daniel Nike, DJ Christøpher and Gabriel Dancer thanks to PROTOKOL.

In addition, the venue is also a perfect choice… Budapest’s coolest club – CAT. We would literally not be able to say a bad word about the place – extravagant design, brutal sound provided by the high quality VOID sound system, awesome music, incredible range of beverages to chose from and legendary vibes. Entering the place, you feel something magical, like you are in an other world, like everything and everbody is there to light up your night… and at the VIP you will have the feeling that the world only spins around you.

No crying for today, you wont’t be alone – techno will make you happy tonight in CAT Budapest.